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Magic Toyshop Rehearsals: September 29th

Rehearsals continue this week! Last week went very smoothly; both Joyce and I are ecstatic!

We do have a couple of announcements to make

  • Do not wear black shoes in rehearsals until we are all rehearsing in the same room on October 20th or are rehearsing in the Guilford room (the one with windows). Black marks leave shoes on the floor and I, Gigi, have to stay behind to clean them up! I may be this year’s French Maid, but I didn’t really sign on for actual laborious cleaning…
  • Remember to look at the COSTUME FITTING SCHEDULE, available HERE. Do not miss your scheduled time with Barbara!
  • The rehearsal schedule is the same as the previous week, if you need to consult that, it is available HERE. The rooms will be the same as last week. No “real people” rehearsals til October 20th, still!
  • Please consult the hair and make up guidelines below -ask questions in the comments below or email I can direct you to more specifics about shoes or hair and direct you to where items can be purchased. If you had to dye pointe shoes or wear character shoes, please do that sooner rather than later. The costume parade will be on November 3rd!!

That should be all!!! See you on Sunday!




American Children, Girl-Pink tights, black ballet slippers, Boy-white knee socks, black ballet slippers

American DadBlack shoes

American Mom – Boots and white tights

Baby Doll Mother – tights if bloomers are too short, black, lace-up boots

Baby Dolls – Bare feet 

Ballerinas – Pink pointe shoes, pink tights

Butterfly – Black ballet slippers and no tights

Can-Can – 2”-heeled, black character shoes (NO T-straps), large-square, seamless, fishnet stockings over pink tights –We have some fishnets, check with Barbara

Can-Can Lead Female – black pointe shoes and fishnet stockings over pink tights. Remember that dying pointe shoes sometimes makes them shrink – so try them out early!

Cards – Black ballet slippers, pink tights or white socks

Russian Princess – Red pointe shoes with red ribbons, pink tights (remember that dying pointe shoes sometimes makes them shrink – so try them out early!)

English Lady – Whatever you wore last year!

French Maid – large-square seamed fishnets over pink tights and black character shoes

Goldilocks – Pink pointe shoes, pink tights

Horse Cadet – Pink tights, pink pointe shoes

Horses – Pink pointe shoes, pink tights

Jack-in-the Box – funky shoes to go with funky costume

King of Hearts – TBD

Arabian Belly Dancerbarefoot

African Princess Doll – barefoot

Peasants – black ballet slippers with black pointe shoe ribbons

Poodles – Pink pointe shoes, pink tights

Queen of Spades – pink tights and black character shoes, potentially with fishnets

Rag Dolls – Black ballet shoes and white tights

Russian Children, Girls – Black shoes, pink or white tights, Boys – white socks and black shoes (Jazz or ballet slippers, NO SNEAKERS)

Russian Dad – Boots

Russian Mom – appropriate tights and shoes for costume

Shopkeeper – Appropriate shoes (Aaron – same as last year)

Shopkeeper Assistant – Appropriate shoes

Stacking Dollsblack ballet slippers with black pointe shoe ribbons, pink tights

Tarantella – Pink pointe shoes and pink tights

Three Bears- barefoot 

Top – pink tights, pink slippers




American Children –Girl, curls. Boy, under hat

American Mother –whatever looks appropriate

Baby Dolls – No bangs, up off neck, flat to head, no bun, two French braids work well, pinned up criss cross over the top of the head under a stocking cap (you provide stocking cap)

Baby Doll Mother- Pulled back in low bun

Ballerinas-  Bun, no bangs

Can-Can- Middle of head bun

Lead Can-Can- Middle of head bun

Arabian Belly Dancer, African Princess Doll- Whatever is appropriate

Cadet- Middle of head bun

Cards- Tuck in hood, avoid bulges in hood, secure, French braid – see baby dolls

Russian Princess- Front part back, back part down (half up, half down), as curly as possible

Stacking Dolls- two French braids

English Lady- low bun

French Maid- French twist

Goldilocks- Wig (hair tucked up under)

Horses- Middle of head bun

Peasants- Two French braids 

Poodles- Middle of the head bun 

Queen of Spades- Middle of the head bun 

King of Hearts- Crazy and under a crown

Rag Dolls- Secured under stocking cap- see baby dolls (you provide stocking cap), PRACTICE w/wig

Russian Children- Girls, hair down braided. Boys, under hat-secure

Russian Mother- low bun

Shopkeeper- Wild Einstein-like hair

Tarantella- Middle of head bun

Three Bears- Secured under headpiece, no bangs, avoid bulges under head

Top- top of head pony tail/bun (like the knob of a top)

Butterfly- hair off face and pulled back, tucked under hood – see baby dolls