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Magic Toyshop Rehearsal: December 1st

I hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving! You have two days to make sure you can fit into your costumes again… There is plenty of information here, so please read it all!

Our rehearsal is from 3-6pm

1) We’re going to try to get 2 run throughs in. THIS MEANS YOU MUST ARRIVE AT 2:45 and go straight to the costume room, get into your first costume and set your following costumes. We do not have the exercise room this week. Upstairs changes will have to take place in the Quonnipaug room. We will bring a quick change rack downstairs.

2) Michaela will lead a brief warm up at 2:50

3) Our first run through will begin just after 3pm.

4) We HAVE to begin our second run through at 4:45, so PLEASE shake off the turkey so we can be as prompt as possible. It’s going to be a tight ship so be on your best behavior!

If you are a dresser, YOU MUST come either on Sunday or Thursday at the Tech Rehearsal to learn how to dress/how to be the most helpful. If you have signed up to be a dresser, please confirm which day you are coming to rehearse the changes.

Remember to put your costumes on the rack designated for the quick change costumes if you need to change downstairs.


You need makeup this week, but not false eyelashes (if your part requires them). Stay tuned for the false eyelash list, coming soon! A how-to make up guide was sent out last week, so check that out for help if you need it. This week is a “makeup rehearsal” as well, so don’t be afraid to put too much on. We will tell you what adjustments you need.


Both will continue this week! We want full houses so tell everyone you know!

Healthy Snack Sale

continues this week as well!


I know what you’re thinking…what is this and how can I get in on it!?!?!?

Well, from 6-9pm, a small group of women have already committed to bringing their own irons and ironing boards and cleaning up all of the costumes so our dancers do not look wrinkly. Feel free to join us!!! Many hands make light work! We will be upstairs in the Faulkner room, with some food and drink to sustain us.


An email was sent out on Monday with a list of what Kim still needs for the performance weekend! If you have not chosen a task, please refer to that email and contact Kim!


Thank you for all of your hard work – we are so close to the show!