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FORMS: Pre Registration for the 2014-2015 Dance Year Has Begun!

Pre-Registration has begun!

Make sure to send your dancer in with preregistration forms NOW so you guarantee your place next year. The following two links contain the Pre Registration form as well as a list of suggested classes!

When you Pre-Register, you have preference over all other dancers for enrollment into any given class for the 2014-2015 dance year. If your dancer has been moved to a new level, you received a personal email explaining the change. Keep in mind this is a tentative schedule and may change come the fall.

We are also excited to announce a new change in levels and leotard colors!

Starship is excited to announce a slight change in placement for our students. Pre Ballet I, II, Level I and Level II are not affected. Level III has the most changes, Levels IV and V change only in leotard color. As always, placement is made at the discretion of the Director and her teachers. No matter the level the classes you attend, you must wear YOUR level color (i.e. – a level IV student attending a level V class would wear their level IV color). This system is in place so teachers can easily identify the levels of their students with just one glance. If your dancer has been moved to a new level for next year, you will receive a personal email explaining this change by the end of this week. 

Pre Ballet I – Light Pink (no change) 

Pre Ballet II – Light Purple (no change) 

Ballet I – Burgundy/Cranberry (no change) 

Ballet II – Navy/Dark Blue (no change) 

Ballet IIIa Hunter Green Beginning of Pointe Preparation 

This level is the first step up from Level 2 – the class structure is a little more complicated and can take some time for a dancer to adjust to. The combinations get longer and the steps are harder. It’s a good time to work on fundamentals and strengthening.

Ballet IIIb Royal (Bright) Blue – Pre Pointe

These students are comfortable in the advanced class structure and are studying with a focus in being ready for pointe work. More complete dancing is expected of these students and they are eligible for the pointe evaluation, which happens 2x a year for a fee of $25. Being in this level/taking the evaluation does not guarantee that the dancer will be placed en pointe the following year. 

Ballet IIIc Dark Purple – Beginner/Intermediate Pointe Students

Once en pointe a dancer will be placed in IIIc to work on beginner pointe work. The focus is on strengthening the right muscles and developing a firm grasp of the core muscles and leg muscles in order to execute ballet technique en pointe.

Ballet IV – Black

Once the Starship Staff is confident a dancer could move up from Ballet IIIc to take more advanced pointe work, you and your dancer will be notified that they are a Level IV.

Ballet V – Red (with dancer’s choice leotard color on Saturdays)

We will see you on Registration Day: Saturday, August 23th 2014