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Alice in Wonderland: April 26th Rehearsal Information1

May 11th is two and a half weeks away! Tickets are available at the studio and more information can be found here.

Everyone in the show – including those of you not in Alice in Wonderland – must pay their $40 production fee. Please give that to Kara on Saturday. Checks and cash both accepted.

If you have been sewing costume pieces for Joyce, please try to bring them back before Saturday, April 26th. We need to get a sense of what still needs to be finished.

EVERY FEMALE DANCER MUST HAVE A NUDE LEOTARD AND CLEAN PINK TIGHTS BEFORE FRIDAY, MAY 9TH. The leotard is to be worn under the tights- skin color closest to your skin!

THIS Saturday, April 26th: 10:30-1:30pm FULL CAST REHEARSAL at the studio – Pre Ballet I and II Students will be dismissed at 12 noon. We will run the second half of the show first. We will not be running the separate pieces that are not part of Alice in Wonderland (Shannon’s piece, Emmy’s piece, Diana’s piece and variations) so if you are only in one of those you do NOT need to attend.


We have many dancers and families that pass through both the driveway and the waiting room. DO NOT pull in to Joyce or Raffael’s parking space. DO NOT pull down the driveway and then back up into the circle. YOU MIGHT HIT SOMEONE ELSE’S CHILD. It is worth the extra minute it might take to drive down the driveway, turn RIGHT into the parking lot circle, circle around and drop your child off safely when you reach the walk way. PLEASE for safety’s sake and to respect Joyce’s property, follow this simple rule.

Another quick note – DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WALK IN, KICK OFF YOUR SHOES, DROP YOUR DANCE BAG AND THEN PROCEED INTO THE STUDIO. There are roughly 40 dancers in this production.There are many people walking in and out. Last time it was SO Hazardous that Kara almost twisted her ankle. PLEASE tuck your bags under the bench, over near the piano, or neatly on the bench. Any items left in the center of the waiting room MAY be thrown out onto the pathway regardless of weather by Kara. Once your child has been safely dropped off, please clear out of the lobby to make room for everyone else arriving. 

Monday, April 28th Gigi’s BALLET IV-V CLASS ONLY: 5:30 to 7:00pm walk through in Clinton at the Andrews Memorial Town Hall. If you’re a Ballet IV or V Student who does not take that Monday class, you’re welcome to attend.

Friday, May 9th 6:30-9:30PM IN CLINTON: Full Cast, Full Make up, Full Dress, Full Tech Rehearsal

Sunday, May 11th: 1:30 Cast Call, 3PM Performance.

There is no photography or video recording allowed in the theater. If you want to video you must do so from the balcony. AGAIN: NO VIDEO RECORDING/PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE THEATER. If there is someone willing to video on Friday night and Sunday, we may have copies available for a small fee. Please reach out to Joyce if you feel you are good with a video camera.

Invite your friends and family to come see the show! It is very exciting and has been quite the restoration project to bring Alice in Wonderland back into our repertoire so I hope you can share that with your families and friends!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing on you Saturday!