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Announcement from Gigi

I’ve been so grateful for the past two years of experiences, friendships and never ending entertainment. I’ve been delaying this announcement but I can no longer put it off- I won’t be your stage manager or teaching at the studio this year. 

The stage manager position will be filled by Kara Engstrom (Anna Cerino’s mother), who was unknowingly groomed during Alice In Wonderland and did an awesome job.

I’m writing this because I didn’t really get the chance to say goodbye in person, and it wouldn’t feel right to leave with no explanation.

Joyce and Shannon have known for 2 years this day would come. I’ve been looking for a job in New York City so that I can move back there. This past summer, I’ve been commuting in 2 days a week to work at SiriusXM, but I’ve accepted an additional position at ESPNNY radio, and won’t have the extra time in Guilford I would normally devote to teaching.

I will continue to be the “woman behind the curtain,” updating the Facebook, website and Instagram. Follow along if you are not already! And please send me photos so that I can share them with our online community. It will be my way of staying in the loop.

Starship has many fans and has produced many wonderful dancers and people. I consider myself lucky to have grown up in such a nurturing community, and to have returned to contribute to that experience for others.