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Magic Toyshop Rehearsal: Sunday October 5th

Be on the lookout tomorrow for a special guest!!!


The times for the shows for the Saturday performances have been changed to 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm, with a cast party immediately following.  We will make sure to update you many, many times from now until then!!


Tomorrow there will be something to keep the younger cast members busy in between their rehearsals.  If you have extra scissors and pencils in that junk drawer – please bring them.  Scissors are on the list of disappearing items in our household, and I do not have enough for all.


We are still looking for a person(s) to transition the ticket sales process to.  Peter and Penelope have dedicated many years, and have an amazing system – however their superstar Meg, is looking forward to attending college next year.


Are there any flower girls out there?  We need someone to manage the flowers/roses.


On a serious note: an employee of the Community Center was injured by a running child last Sunday morning. The employee was treated at the emergency clinic.   Although this did not occur during our rehearsal time, I repetitively warned many of the same children not to run in the hallway.  Many were also asked to climb down from the staircase bannister that they were sitting on.  The area that they may injure if they fall in that position, will really, really hurt.  A fine of .25 cents was imposed, however besides the risk of injury to themselves or others – it takes my attention away from the rehearsals(and more importantly Joyce).  Parents with younger dancers, please speak with your child in reference to this topic prior to Sunday.


If dancers wish to practice during their down time, we can find them a safe spot to work together.


MTS Lost and Found has been reestablished Gigi style!!  Retrieval is $1.  Proceeds to the kitty.  So far many things have been collected – black ballet slippers, theraband, beautiful beaded headband, gorgeous paisley sewing basket, and some water bottles.  We have not seen any North Faces yet!!


The Cove will be holding a meeting at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, with some of the families arriving at 4:00 p.m. They meet every other Sunday.  The Cove is a wonderful organization that offers support to children/families that have suffered a loss(more details on their website). Several of the cast members asked what the Cove was, did, etc… – I am throwing it out there to parents, as we all handle topics differently within our families, and do not want to answer a question in a manner in which you would have preferred to approach differently.  The guests of the Cove always enjoy watching the tail end of the rehearsal, and in the past we have been able to offer complimentary tickets to some of the families to the performances, due to our Community Outreach Program and donations.


The most hectic time is 12:50 to 1:10, and at the conclusion of rehearsals – thank you very much for being persistent with checking in and out, with myself or the cast members that have been helping at that time.


Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!!!





P.S. If anyone has any connections with publicity, please get in touch, we always love to brag!!