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Magic Toyshop Rehearsals: October 26th (Family and Nocturne)

And the story continues, as the dolls dance away through the night…


Looking forward to more comedy and tears tomorrow, and most of all our dancers!!


Rehearsals continue for the Russian and American families, along with the Shopkeeper and Assistant, the Ballerina, and the sassy French maid.  Please refer to the posted rehearsal schedule within the blog for specific times.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled rehearsal time.


We are sneaking in another rehearsal for the Baby Dolls and their Mother from 2 to 3 pm, upstairs in the Menunkatuck room.  Please leave the whining at home.  Hugs and kisses are welcome.


The Sad Dance will be rehearsed between 3 and 5 pm.  The order of the entrance of the dolls will be posted on the wall.  Please remain close to your group in the hallway, and quiet.  We all love our Sundays together, however the happy chatter and cheerful laughter of our dancers carries into the room when the doors are open.  If you are a parent reading this, please convey the information to the dancer in your household.


There are very few Costume Fittings – please refer to the posted schedule in the blog to see if you are on it.


Posters will be distributed to those of you that have volunteered to paint the town Magic Toyshop.  There are plenty to go around – so please stop in if there is an establishment that you frequent that is ideal for promoting the show.


TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS!!  Tickets will be available to purchase prior to 2 pm for a period of time, or prior to the end of rehearsal at 5 pm.  Get yours before they are on sale to the public!!


The Trunk and Treat Event is scheduled in the Center of town between 2 and 4 pm tomorrow, please plan according for travel and parking time.  Please have all dancers at the facility at least 15 minutes  prior to the start time of rehearsal.  The Cove has a meeting at 5 pm tomorrow evening at the Community Center.


Thanks and see you tomorrow!!