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Magic Toyshop: Shoes and Tights and Hair!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the required shoes and tights for Magic Toyshop, look no further than HERE: Magic Toyshop Shoes and Tights Requirements 2014

You’ll find a downloadable list of all of the parts and their required footwear. Please refer to it prior to the first Dress Rehearsal. You are responsible for your dancer’s footwear, unless expressly said that the Costume Mistress would be supplying tights or shoes.

Any questions, please ask!

We are also providing you with a complete list of hair requirements for the show! Please consult and ask questions. Remember, Joyce cannot do your hair for you, but if you need assistance with buns or braids, Kara will be happy to coordinate parents who are capable braiders to help out! Magic Toyshop Hair Requirements 2014