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Magic Toyshop Rehearsal:Full Dress Rehearsal Tomorrow 11/2

Good Afternoon –



What does this mean? We are planning on running the show for the first time in costumes, which includes the correct tights, shoes, accessories, and hair.  We will also be incorporating the use of most of the props.

Please refer to the attached shoes and tights, and hair documents.  They have been updated as of 10/31.

Magic Toyshop Hair Requirements 2014

Magic Toyshop Shoes and Tights Requirements 2014

Arrive extra early tomorrow, check in, and proceed directly upstairs.  ALL DANCE BAGS GO UPSTAIRS.  Instructions will be provided as to where to gather your costume and where to get changed.  Refer to the Agenda which will be posted as to what the schedule will be for the rehearsal.

Photographs will be taken tomorrow by specified group by Sandy Connolly of Super 9 Studios.  This will be scheduled in an order which will be posted tomorrow. Sandy will be working and the room is to be quiet and void of extra bodies.   For this purpose we would like make up to be worn.  Guidelines on makeup will be posted either later this evening, or tomorrow morning.  It will be consistent with other years.

There will be a visitor from the Shoreline Arts Alliance present to watch the rehearsal, take photos, and speak with some of the dancers.  Please be on your best Magic Toyshop everything!!

More to come…


Thanks Kara