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The Magic Toyshop Rehearsal 11/16

Sunday 11/16 Full Dress Rehearsal 1:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Plan: Arrive early in dance attire with make up and hair prepped for your role. Dance bags and belongings in Whitfield Room along the edges of the room.  Please do not place in the center, we will be using the space.

1 to 1:30 Cossacks – Rehearsal Upstairs

                 Emily and Laurent – Rehearsal – Stage

                    All Other Dancers – Warm Up Whitfield

These all begin at 1:00 p.m.

1:30 Rehearsal Whitfield Room

Starting with the Reopening of the Shop thru Finale

no costumes


change into first costume


Run thru entire show 2x’s

Return your costume to it’s home


HEADSHOTS – We will be taking Headshots in the Quonnopaug Room(upstairs) during rehearsal.  This will be conducted by Jan and Kim. Fast and Simple.  The Headshots will be for the ever popular “STARSHIP STARS”.

MAKE UP GUIDELINES – See Attachment.  Male Dancers will be working with Tyler for tips.  The Boys that wore makeup last week looked great!!  Several Reds for female dancers were identified as red, red, red, red and are listed in the attachment.

Starting tomorrow, full makeup and falsies should be worn to every rehearsal.  If a part of your makeup or hair is not feeling/working right – let’s get the kinks out now, not the first week in December!!  Practice makes Perfect.  I will have on hand a few extra pairs of new eyelashes, glue, red lip liners(new), and red lipstick(new) for those that are in need to purchase.


Donita from the Shoreline Arts Alliance loved the show and was very impressed when she visited several weeks ago.  She will be returning tomorrow – let’s do it again!!  Be prepared for photographs, especially close ups as they are for the website.

Horses – Socks?


ROSES – Preorder of Roses starts tomorrow.  Details to follow later.

Starship Stage Make Up Guidelines