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Iron Maidens, Bar Tabs, Movie Stars, and Of Course – Rehearsal 11/23

There is a call for all Iron Maidens!!  Tuesday 12/2  – to steam and iron costumes.  The more, the merrier, the faster we are done.  Please let us know if you are up for a great night of fun, we will keep you coming back year after year!!


Yes, we let them belly up to the barre while you were not around!!  We will not be running any tabs, or IOU’s tomorrow.  Please stop by the table to pay up your debts, or your child’s debts, or we will allow them to eat a bunch of candy from the vending machine and serve them a cappuccino about 15 minutes prior to the end of rehearsal.


Famous? Be star struck by our own Starship celebrities.  Star Quality, a professional company, will be taping one of the performances.  Preorders of the DVD’s will be starting tomorrow – $25.  Post show price – $35.


Tights – did you forget to order them? lose them? rip them? forgot a back up pair? Monday is the last day that an order can be placed to receive Eurotard pink tights to match the rest of the cast.


Headshots – the remainder of the headshots will be taken in the first portion of the rehearsal tomorrow.  Please see Jan upstairs.  This is the last opportunity to flash your pearly whites.


Pointe Shoes – 14 Pointe shoes were donated by Dancers World to be decorated and sold at the performances.  Round one of the decorating has already occurred, and there are others that wish to participate – let us know if you would.  A second round of decorating will take place on the shoes next week – add on the glam!!  The beautiful shoes created collectively will be displayed the weekend of the performance.


NOTES FOR REHEARSAL:   During the rehearsing of the show  – all dancers are to be located in the hallway.  There will not be dancers in the “audience”.  Quiet is to be maintained in the hallway, just as if it was performance weekend.  Dancers(adult or child) will be separated if the need arises.  TAMBURINES ARE FOR TARANTELLAS



1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Warm Up – dance attire, flat ballet shoes or bare feet

1:30 p.m.  First Run Thru – dance attire, proper shoes for parts

Break – drink/nourishment, change into costume

Second Run Thru – costumes