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The Magic Toyshop

The Magic is Upon Us!!

It is the Eve of the show, and the Guilford Community is brimming with excitement.  The Magic Toyshop is the highlight of this special evening, in our special town. From the tree lighting, to choir and musical expositions, our show is the star placed on the top of all the festivities!!  For many, holidays are spent with family and friends.  Reflecting upon this, I would like to thank my Starship family and friends for the annual tradition of the Magic Toyshop.  Thank you to our talented Artistic Director, Joyce DiLauro, and Raffael for this madness that was created 23 or so years ago,  Justin and Danielle for sharing with us, and to Kim Herard for steering the ship.  Our Professional Rehearsal Directors have provided extensive training to our dancers with devotion and care in a very short period of time.  Thank you for showing us the road.  Volunteers and many parents have worked very hard to bring the Production together – you have all been invaluable and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you to my own family for embracing Starship, and for my own dancer who led us in this direction.  The dancers have been a joy, and they are all precious dolls! I have picked them up, fixed their bows and hair, fed them, both reprimanded and praised them, found their missing shoes and bags, brought them new sparkly items, given them love, and now they are all polished and ready to be on display in the Magic Toyshop.  Thank you for this wonderful experience and let’s enjoy the show!!   – Kara