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Starship Dance Studio – Monday 1/19 – Regular Classes and Dance Order Codes

All regularly scheduled Monday classes will be held tomorrow, January 19th.  Starship Dance Studio will be open.

Happy Rainy Sunday!!!


January is best known as an organizational month.  While most of you have already sorted through the junk drawers, discarded expired products from the pantry, delivered hand me downs, and brought out the Spring Decorative items – there are some of us that have not!!!  Professionals in the industry advise to tackle small projects at a time, which leads to success and inspiration!!!


The Dancer’s Bag/Drawer – Today is the perfect day to do it!!  Time to have your dancer(or most parents) sort through dance items.

Discard tights with holes and runs, or really should never be worn in public.  Check with your dancer to see if the waist band can be recycled for the new headband craze.

Refresh toe pads with a gentle soak and mild detergent, or if the stench from the bag is from them – toss!!

Disinfect the water bottle – this may also need to be tossed!!

Group like items together, such as – hair pins, safety pins, etc…  Throw out ripped hair nets and empty hair product containers.

Sort through leotards and slippers/shoes – make 3 piles – keep, donate, toss.

Remove half eaten protein bars, garbage, and dirty laundry.

Evaluate situation and take next step – what needs to be replaced?  How did this occur?  What happens now? This is the point in the rainy day project that things can start to deteriorate, however the blog is here to turn it around!!


Donate the gently used/never worn dance wear and shoes/slippers to Starship Dance Studio for other dancers and costume production.

Return recyclables = $$

Make a list of items that need to be replaced and go shopping on line while supporting Starship at the same time!!   – Studio Code 109710 – select Starship as your favorite charity and will donate a %, same products and benefits as – orders benefit Starship


Dancers World(Hamden) and the Dancers Store(East Haven) frequently have coupons on their websites that can be presented at the store.


For those that have more than a bag or drawer, or need help with reorganizing or moving – contact Starship friend and family member Beth Bridge, a Professional in the industry.  Special thanks to Beth for all the organizational support that you have provided to the Starship Costume and Prop area over the past seasons!!