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News Flash!!

There is soooooooo much news to share, I do not know where to start!!


The first official Alice In Wonderland Rehearsal is scheduled for this Saturday, April 18th at the Guilford Community Center.  Please refer to the Rehearsal Schedule for the who, when, what, and other details!!


Joyce has been holding rehearsals this week for students that have been available -this has been/is coordinated through the Sign Up Genius software tool.  There are a few roles that have been rehearsed independently, as they are new additions to the 2015 Alice Production.  Check back on Sign Up Genius to see if there is anything posted for Friday(tomorrow) in the morning.  Hopefully someone in your household opened the email and took a peek earlier this week, and you were able to dance and have fun with the others!!


Online tickets for our shows are now live!!! How??

They can also be purchased by phoning toll free 855-222-2849.

There may be bumps and glitches as this is all new for us, so please let us know if you are experiencing any, however we are hoping for only positive reviews!!  If there  are any handicapped requests, please let us know.


There is a Sign Up Genius Form that has been initiated for refreshments, so please keep an eye out – our dancers and guests are always thirsty and wishing for food!!


Lots of more fun stuff coming our way – flowers, personalized boosters for the Program, and a Mad Tea Party.  We will have information to distribute on Saturday, so keep an eye out for some Starship Dance Theater materials!!


Don’t worry, if you have not been contacted for a Volunteer Role, we have something special in store for all!!