This year, we’re going to bring you inside the studio for more than just visiting week! We will post photos and tidbits from the dancers about what they love about dancing, their favorite steps and much more!

We start with the Monday Ballet II/III, taught by Gigi Clark.

Gigi says, “This year we are going to work on jumps and strong pointed feet as well as learning and remembering longer combinations. I want my dancers to have fun each week, but also make great progress!”























Katie, Level III, “I love jumping.”

Faith, Level III, “I hope to get en pointe this year and this class will help me.”


Amelia, Level II, “I like doing things across the floor.”

Anna, Level III, “I like to do Italian frappés”

Sedona, Level III, “I like to do coupé derriere.”























Caroline, Level II, “I like doing rond de jambes.”

Taylor, Level II, “I like ballonés.”





















Nika, Level III, “I like to do frappés.”

Abigail, Level III, “I enjoyed practicing ballonés for Magic Toyshop.”