This year, we’re going to bring you inside the studio for more than just visiting week! We will post photos and tidbits from the dancers about what they love about dancing, their favorite steps and much more!


This week, we asked the Monday Choreography and Composition Class, taught by Shannon Cushing what they liked best about the class.

Shannon says, “This Choreography class is very special to me. It’s loosely structured to allow the students free range and total creative authority. We study famous choreographers, workshop improv, themes, art, poetry, music and anything and everything that inspires us. The students work solo and in groups and the class culminates with an end of the year thesis in which every dancer must produce an original piece for the class to perform. This year our theme is fashion.”


Below, the dancers further describe the class:

Meg: “It’s a catharsis for me, especially because this year is so stressful. I can channel my energy elsewhere, and I just love dancing. It’s nice to take a break from homework and just relax. The environment is so welcoming.”

Sydney: “This year I’m looking forward to being able to experiment with different styles of dance, and learn how to use it in my choreography.”


Michaela: “I’m really looking forward to¬†improving my choreography skills. This class allows me to experiment and try out different steps and methods. It’s a fun and creative environment.”

Emmy: “This class will augment my repertoire. I like choreography class because it is different from ballet and I can be expressive and improve my choreography.”

Angelina: “This year I’m looking forward to learning different styles of dance and different ways to choreograph.”