Class Policies


All Students who wish to register for classes in a manner that is not consistent with Starship Dance Studio policy must receive approval from the director.

All dancers en Pointe will need to take a minimum of three technique classes per week plus Pointe instruction to continue.  Those who would like to continue Ballet instruction, but who will not be continuing to devote the time in class required to stay En Pointe, may request permission to take advanced classes on flat.

Level IV-V dancers must take a Modern class.

All Level III dancers are encouraged to take a Modern class to aid in development of their dance skills.

Additional Classes above the required classes are available at an additional cost.

Payment Policy:

The deposit and registration fee is due upon registration.  The remainder of the class fees are due by December 1, 2015.  A late payment fee of 3% of the remainder due will be added to balance.  A 5% discount will be given to tuition for full year classes when payment is made in full by Registration day on August 23, 2014.  This deposit is non-refundable after 5 weeks of classes.  Registrations later than November 1st require payment in full. The registration fee is $25 per dancer (or per family) for each dance year.  Adult classes and summer classes require no registration fee.  Registration fees can be avoided by pre-registering by July 1st of the previous dance year.  A deposit of $225 must accompany the pre-registration form to be accepted.

Make-up Policy:

Classes missed due to personal or weather conditions may be made up in an appropriate class with instructor’s permission within six weeks of the absence. Attendance is vital to progress.

 If you’re looking for Vacation days or a basic weekly schedule, please visit the CLASSES page.