Do you love the behind the scenes of Magic Toyshop? Are Sundays your favorite day of the week? We are looking for 1 or 2 responsible dancers who want to volunteer their time on Sundays around their rehearsal times. You can be a cast member and hold the position or just be behind the scenes help (siblings, friends, dance enthusiasts).

What would I have to do?

  • Take attendance at rehearsals

  • Look up phone numbers for Gigi, Stage Manager, to call missing dancers

  • Put signs on doors and write the schedule on the white board

  • Distribute rosin

  • Help move dancers from one rehearsal space to the next

  • Make sure the Rehearsal Directors have the correct music/help them record video if they need to

  • Make sure the Costume Mistress has the correct group during fittings

  • Help distribute hand outs to parents before and after rehearsals as necessary

  • Direct questions to Gigi, NOT Joyce.

  • Take photos and videos to post to the Facebook and Instagram pages


How do I apply?

There will be a box to check on your audition form if you are interested in interning. You must be 10 or older to apply.

How will the intern be chosen?

Depending on the interest level, Gigi may have quick conversations with each candidate in order to decide. Should she need assistance with her decision, Joyce will weigh in.

When we will find out?

Before Sunday, September 15th, Gigi will notify the intern(s). The position officially begins on September 15th. Don’t worry – your responsibilities will only be on Sundays! We hope you apply!!!