Baby Dolls – 2 French braids/bald cap*, barefoot w/ no tights

Rag Dolls – 2 French Braids/bald cap*, black ballet slippers**

Cards – 2 French Braids, black slippers**

Peasants – 2 French Braids, pink slippers

Cossacks – White or Pink Tights, black jazz shoes w/ small heel

Can Can – 2″ character shoes, high bun

Horses & Tarantella – pointe, high bun

Baby Bear, Mama, Papa – barefoot

Butterfly – 2 French braids/bald cap* (may not be needed), black slippers or barefoot

American Family – hair – down for girls, white or pink tights, black slippers**

Russian Family – hair – 2 French braids for girls, black tights, black slippers**

* French Braids for bald caps – need to be two French brains down each side of head and then braids pinned up so that all hair fits completely and as smoothly as possible under the bald cap (goal is NO hair to be showing)

* Bald Cap – you can buy at costume store but let them know it is the type for wearing a wig over – not a costume that looks like a bald head. Also, you can make them out of tan panty hose or pink tights by cutting off the legs and knotting it. We have some from years past if you want to borrow them.

** Black Ballet Slippers – for those of you who don’t already own a pair, we have some from people who have donated out-grown pairs. They will be upstairs in the costume fitting room Sunday 11/5/17



  • Anyone with hair piece and/or wig should come with plenty of their own bobby pins
  • Nude leotards should be worn under all costumes (baby dolls can wear pale pastel leotards)
  • NO jewelry is to be worn with the exception of girls on pointe and in character shoes
  • A separate list of makeup requirements will be distributed closer to performance date.