IMG_1334Tomorrow we continue to rehearse the full show, with the full cast. Please review the schedule below and make sure you arrive at 12:45pm
1:00pm – 2:00pm: Warm up, clean up specific scenes, parts
2:00pm- 5:00 pm: Run through the entire show several times
  • It is expected that you wear proper dance attire, correct shoes, hair, tights, jewelry, accessories.
  • We will not be rehearsing in costumes, unless you have been notified via a separate email from Stage Manager
  • Jan Gaulin will be finishing up the few headshots for cast members that are outstanding.
  • Don’t forget that next Sunday, November 22nd, is a Full Dress Rehearsal for all cast members.
  • Products from Dancer’s World will be available for pick up on Sunday at the rehearsal.
Sandy Connolly of Super 9 Studios will be shooting professional photographs of select scenes and cast members this Sunday 11/15 at the Guilford Community Center.  Sandy plans on starting her work at 1 p.m. in one of the rooms upstairs (room TBD).  We hope to be finished within an hour.
The list of scenes/cast members that we plan on taking can be found itemized below. The costumes and props necessary for the photographs will be at the Community Center by 12:45 p.m. for cast members to change into.  Please wear stage makeup, appropriate hair styles, designated tights/shoes, and other accessories that are required. If you are not listed below, you do not need to wear stage makeup as you will not be part of these photos.
1. Shopkeeper, French Maid, Pipino, and Queen of Spades (screw, plunger, oil can)
2. Cossacks cutting rope
3. Ballerina(Chelsey), English Lady, Shopkeeper (glasses, key)
4. Poodles, Jester (bone)
5. Can Can Leads
6. Russian Children and Russian Mom – in line, heads looking
7. 3 Bears, Butterfly (net)
8. American Family, waltzing (ribbons)