IMG_4227Important “Spooktacular” Rehearsal this Sunday – please check the blog regularly today and tomorrow.

Rehearsal is scheduled for the Guilford Community Center, however, if the “Spooktacular” event which is planned for the Guilford Green is relocated to the Guilford Community Center due to the weather  – REHEARSAL LOCATION WILL BE CHANGED.  The decision will not be reached until 11am tomorrow.  The blog will be updated as soon as the information is released.  If the location is changed, we will most likely be modifying the costume schedule.

HERE is the rehearsal schedule for tomorrow:

October 25th

1 pm – 2:30 pm

  • Families, English Lady, Shopkeeper and Assistants, Ballerina

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

  • Fight Scene: Families, English Lady, Shopkeeper and Assistants, Ballerina, Goldie/Butterfly, Ballerina, Russian Princess, Stacking Dolls, Cossacks, Rag Dolls, Poodles, Cards, Queen, Can Can, Jack in the Box

3:30 pm – 5 pm

  • Sad Dance/Nocturne: Goldie/Butterfly, Ballerina, Russian Princess, Stacking Dolls, Cossacks, Rag Dolls, Poodles, Cards, Queen, Can Can, Jack in the Box ***IF YOU ARE A DOLL IN THE BEGINNING AND THEN CHANGE INTO A CHILD AT THE END, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND THIS PORTION OF THE REHEARSAL.***

The following costumes are schedule to be fitted tomorrow (subject to change):
1:30pm Can Cans, Goldilocks
3:30pm French Maid

We would like to remind everyone of the appropriate contacts:
Stage Manager – Kara Engstrom   2035307023(cell)   2034536225(home)
Stage Producer – Kim Herard 2038873628(cell)

Topics and questions are to be addressed through the appropriate channels of either the Stage Manager, Stage Producer, a Rehearsal Director, Publicity Coordinator, Refreshment Coordinator, or the Costume Mistress.

Joyce DiLauro, our Artistic Director, is focused on producing a top notch show, and respectfully only details involving choreography should be addressed to her.  If you ask her a question about any other topic, she will point you in the direction of the Stage Manager so you might as well start there!! We have an amazing Team of professionals to support both the Studio and the Production – please defer to us!! Joyce’s job is to focus on the big picture, not to help you secure your hair or remember where you need to go for costume fittings.

This week we will be contacting families to assist with the upcoming rehearsals and Volunteer roles for the remainder of the Production.

Program Ads – SUBMISSION DATE EXTENDED TO SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1 There will be a designated Volunteer to accept advertisements turned in tomorrow.

If the contact information for the dancer or family has changed, or was not completed with the Contract and Audition form, now is the time to touch base with the Stage Manager to update or confirm.  If a tutorial on finding the blog or the Starship website is necessary, now is the time to consult a peer, or teenager.  Please like us on Facebook, as all blog links are posted there (with fun photos!) so you should be able to find information fairly quickly through one of the main two channels.

We don’t want to have anyone miss a “Spooktacular” Rehearsal or announcement.  Announcements will become more frequent with the upcoming rehearsals. It is part of the dancer’s responsibility to find out their own rehearsal information and be able to follow the Stage Manager’s directions. If your dancer is too young to find the blog on their own, you need to help them read it and understand the upcoming rehearsal information.

Thank you for your hard work!