We are looking forward to another great Rehearsal tomorrow!! Last week the Community Center was buzzing with excitement as the Cast, Rehearsal Directors, Interns, Costume Mistresses, and the many Volunteers and supportive parents came to and from the first “Doll” Rehearsal.  There is certainly more to come tomorrow, as the Costume Mistress and her Team will begin to work their own type of Magic.


Cast and rides of cast – dancers need to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled rehearsal.  The Rehearsals should be starting at the scheduled time.  Warm up, hugs, clothing changes, restroom trips, nourishment should all occur prior to that 15 minute allotment. We will be looking for dancers to either be in the designated rooms, or lined up to enter by that time so that all the rehearsals can run smoothly, and all sections of the show can receive the attention that it deserves.  Please check in with the person taking attendance, as the game of hide and seek is not really too much fun when the entire room is waiting for a cast member to start.


Please remember we are sharing the space with other members of the Community and sometimes they are lucky enough to get a sneak peek of what Magic Toyshop 2014 has planned.  We always want them to walk away speaking highly of our artistic qualities, professionalism, respected Directors, talented cast members, and a whole long list of other amazing things!!  However, please remember to behave appropriately and respectfully while in the rehearsal rooms and open spaces, keep trash in the containers, and bags/belongings neatly along the edge of the space.


Have a great day and we will see most of you tomorrow!!


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