DSC02362For the past few years, Starship Dance has sold roses from Roses for Autism for you to give to your star after the performances! This year is no different.

If you pre order your roses, you won’t have to worry about hiding flowers under your chair or picking them up on your way to the performance. They’ll be ready and waiting for you so you can enjoy the show AND congratulate your dancer!

Here’s what you need to know:

Roses can be pre ordered from now until November 30th. You’ll pick them up the day of the show.

Pre orders can be made at the end of Sunday’s rehearsal with Diana DiFranco or by emailing starshipstagemanager@gmail.com and then dropping your money off either at the studio or the rehearsal.

A single red rose costs $5, a red dozen or a rainbow dozen costs $20 and a bouquet costs $35.

All Proceeds go to the Starship Scholarship Fund.

There will be a limited number for sale at the performances that are not reserved, so to guarantee roses for your dancer, make sure you pre order!

Since the roses come from Roses for Austim, you know you’ll be supporting both a local business and the Starship Dance family!