What a great Rehearsal today!!  Thank you to everyone for working together as a team – Families, Babies and Mom, and Sad Dancers.  The groups in the hallway were super with helping to keep everything to a low buzz, and the timing for entrances came together.  Our Directors fine tuned the choreography, while the Mistresses upstairs fit some of the last costumes.  Tickets were hot, with prime real estate going quickly – better get yours soon!!


Our interns have been huge contributors to the production over the last several weeks – attendance, props, posters, photos, healthy snacks, set up/break down, and anything else under the sun!!   The interns are a great team of dancers that are in the show, and volunteers that assist behind the scenes.


We would like to share some great photos from today that were taken by our interns!!


AliceMeg1026 TylerMich1026warmup1026