And the piece to be performed is……..

I am excited to announce that level 5 student Emily Limoncelli’s contemporary piece has been chosen for this year’s Spring performance.

All of my Choreography and Composition students were given the task of coming up with an original dance with the ambigious theme of fashion. They were then asked to teach at least a minute of this piece to the class so we could get a feel for the movement. All 7 pieces were outstanding and it was a hard decision to choose just one. Ultimately, Emmy’s dance was picked because she really thought about the dancers as a whole and took the idea of fashion to another level. She takes the time to properly teach her peers each step so the dance really comes together. Emmy’s choreography has a lot of maturity and depth. She describes her piece below:

“My dance is inspired by emptiness that people feel in heartbreak, sadness, sorrow. The song is called ‘youth’ but I think it can really apply to anyone. It’s important for young people to find ways to express themselves, be it fashion, dance or whatever. I think it’s sad that so many young people have such negative outlooks on their lives, when they still have SO much in front of them, but it’s hard for young people to not get caught up because every little thing seems so huge and so definitive. Anyway, the theme is emptiness, and that seems depressing, but even emptiness is a feeling that needs to be expressed, and there’s no way I know how to do that better than through dance.”

Come see Emmy’s piece on May 11th!