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Thanksgiving Break!

Hi Starship Families,

We wanted to remind you that we will be taking a short break for Thanksgiving from Wednesday, November 25th to Friday, November 27th. We hope you enjoy some time off!

We WILL be holding classes on Saturday November 28th.

If you are a cast member of Magic Toyshop, just a friendly reminder that Sunday’s rehearsal on the 29th is later in the afternoon: 3:00pm to 7:00pm.


Magic Toyshop Rehearsal – Today 11/22

Good Morning Dancers and Families-

We have an exciting afternoon planned for today’s rehearsal. Please arrive in enough time to be ready to start at 1 p.m. , this really means that at 1 p.m. dancers are in the rehearsal room, dressed appropriately, focused, and stretching in anticipation of warm up by an instructor. Warm up will be held for 30 minutes.

At 1:30 p.m. please find the position where we finished last rehearsal. Hint: Tarantella dance had been worked through. We will start at this point and work through the end of the show in dance attire.

After a short break, a full dress rehearsal will be performed, without makeup. There will be dressers to assist with quick changes, and to determine other cast parts that will require assistance during the upcoming dress rehearsals and shows. All dancers are responsible for checking to make sure that their props and all pieces of their costumes are set up.

Parents of cast members – please do not drop your dancer off without ensuring that their hair is styled appropriately, they brought their shoes and tights, and they have extra bobby pins and safety pins in their bag. Today is the final day to preorder flowers, please stop by to see Heather Mazzucco with your order.

Jan will be at rehearsal to take the last few head shots – please see her prior to warm up, or during a break if you have not had your photograph taken.

Peasants: black ribbons will not be worn with the black ballet shoes.

We have some amazing talent from which our dancers should be learning from and taking advantage of the opportunity to be coached by, work along side with, and study their techniques and finesses. Quiet is expected amongst the dancers and families in the rehearsal room and hallway, please be respectful. If certain dancers or groups are disruptive, parents will be asked to remain and sit with their dancer.

Cappuccino, sugar, red and blue dye will be provided to any dancers after 5 p.m., and the dancer can be picked up at my home.

Magic Toyshop 2015: Flower Order Form

Heather Mazzucco has been kind enough to coordinate this year’s flower sale with Roses for Autism.

Orders are DUE Sunday, November 22nd, at rehearsal. You can find order forms HERE. Preview it below.

2015 flower

Magic Toyshop Rehearsal: Sunday, November 22nd


Photo by Sandy Connolly

The show is fast approaching!

This Sunday is a FULL DRESS REHEARSAL for everyone. This means hair, shoes, tights, nude leotards, extra bobby pins, hairspray…EVERYTHING (Except for stage make up – you don’t have to wear that)!

We are also taking order for flowers. This is a quick turn around so get your orders in TODAY!!! You can find the order form HERE. The final order will be placed on Monday the 23rd. We cannot guarantee that there will be extra flowers for you if you do not pre-order them.  Thank you to Heather Mazzucco for organizing our flowers with Roses for Autism.

We’d like to remind you that the schedule for rehearsal the Sunday after Thanksgiving is slightly different. We will be rehearsing from 3pm to 7pm. Make note of that for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 29th.

Finally, we’ve noticed many Starship families have yet to purchase tickets. This is the first year that Magic Toyshop tickets are available online and we’d love for you to take advantage of the ease of ordering. If you do not order tickets online by December 3rd, we will end up with long lines for at the door ticket sales and this will delay our performances which will create a longer wait for our dancers after their warm up and prep. It is in the best interest of our dancers, who have been working SO hard since September, for you to purchase your tickets online.

You can find information about the performances in our Facebook event HERE and you can purchase your tickets online HERE.

Please help us spread the word about Magic Toyshop by SHARING THE FACEBOOK EVENT with your friends and family. If you’re unsure how to do so, we’ve put together a tutorial for you HERE.

Help Publicize Magic Toyshop 2015!

It only takes 5 minutes!

First, head over to the Facebook event:

Just click the share button! You can write a post describing how wonderful the show will be or just share the event!

how to share

Here’s part two! Invite your friends to the event by clicking on the “INVITE” envelope to the right of SHARE

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